Beast Dream v0.3 is here!

Beast Dream v0.3 is finally here! With it comes several big and small changes to the game, including unifying the language of the game so it's easier to understand, new beasts and art, a new Skill attribute that all beasts have, and a greatly expanded GMing section!

See the full changelog here.


BeastDream v0.3.pdf 195 kB
Aug 12, 2019
The Commonwealth_ A Dream v0.3.pdf 584 kB
Aug 12, 2019
OLD Beast 1 MB
Aug 12, 2019
BeastDream Handler Sheet v0.3.pdf 95 kB
Aug 12, 2019
DEMO-BeastDream v0.3.pdf 124 kB
Aug 12, 2019

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