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For two players, one playing a gay ghost, and one playing a living gay human.

This is a game about a living human and a ghost going on dates and growing closer. The interactions between the two are limited because the ghost can only exert a certain amount of paranormal energy to manifest in the human world. As you grow closer, you can discover new ways of communicating and interacting that are unique to your relationship. If at any time either of you feel like the relationship is not working out, you can walk away. If at any time either of you feels uncomfortable, you can stop playing, either permanently or just long enough to talk it out with your partner.

Before going on a date, there are a few things that you need to discuss. First, describe your characters in as much detail as you wish. Give yourself a name and pronouns, but any more details than that are up to you. Next, discuss the safety tools you will be using. This is a game about intimacy, and while nothing inherently sexual is required in play, it is important to be safe. I suggest using lines and veils and the x-card at the very least, but other tools might work better for you. Finally, decide how the two of you met, and why you decided to start dating each other.

When it is time to go on a date, decide where and when your date is. Roleplay the date. You can act in character and speak your characters’ lines, or you can describe what your character does and says, as long as you are having fun embodying your character.

The human character is only limited by what a human could conceivably do. If you want to do or say something during the date, and a human could probably do it, you can do it. Roleplay freely, as long as your ghost partner is comfortable with what you’re doing. At the end of the date, you can ask your ghost partner if they want to do something together that you’ve never done before, like hold hands, hug, kiss, go back to your place, visit their grave, take your clothes off, learn how they died, have sex, fall asleep together, talk about the future, or anything else you can think of. If they say yes, then you do it. If they say no, you don’t. Perhaps they need more time, and it would be better to ask that again later, but if they say to not ask that again, don’t.

The ghost character is limited by their Corporeal Energy. A ghost begins the game with 6 points of Corporeal Energy, and at the start of a new date gains 3 points. By default, a ghost cannot be seen, heard, or felt. However, at any point in the date the ghost character can choose to spend Corporeal Energy to gain abilities that they do not normally have for the remainder of the date. The ghost must play around these limitations, and choose where to spend their Corporeal Energy to have the best dates possible.

This list is not exhaustive, and you can come up with more ghostly abilities and the appropriate costs as needed.

  • 1 point to be seen
    • 1 additional point to not appear as a corpse
      • 2 additional points to be able to appear as who/whatever you want
  • 1 point to be able to touch but only lightly interact with the world
    • 1 additional point to be able to move objects like a human can
      • 1 additional point to possess superhuman capabilities (like a poltergeist)
  • 1 point to be able to able to speak, but only be heard by your partner
    • 1 additional point to be able to be heard by anyone
      • 1 additional point to be able to communicate with your partner telepathically
  • 1 point to be extremely scary
    • 1 additional point to only be scary when you want to be scary

At the end of the date, your human partner may ask you if you want to do something with them that you’ve never done before. If you are not comfortable doing whatever it is they ask, you can say no, and you won’t do it. If you feel like you might be comfortable in the future, you can just say no and let them ask it again later, but if it is something you feel you will never be comfortable with, you can ask them to never ask that again. If they ask it again anyways, you should stop playing the game with them, since they have broken your trust. If you change your mind, then you can let them know that they can ask it again later whenever you want. If you say yes, then you do it with them, regardless of whether you’ve spent the Corporeal Energy to be able to do it, and you can do it with them again in the future whenever you want without having to spend Corporeal Energy. This is because the closer a ghost is with a human, the less energy it costs to interact with them. As you grow more intimate, the more things you can do without siphoning off your Corporeal Energy.

You can choose to roleplay scenes between dates, giving examples of your characters’ day-to-day lives, or you can jump right into the next date.

You can continue dating for as long as you want to. Whenever you want to stop, let the other player know and come to a stopping point. This can be the end of your story, or you can pick up the game later and continue where you left off, if you want to.

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Tagsdating, Ghosts, LGBT, LGBTQIA, resource-management, undead


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