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In the real world you were a nobody, a comic geek that got pushed around. Now that you’ve somehow found your way into the world of your favorite comics, you can be whatever you want! Sure, none of this is real, but while you’re here you might as well have fun and get into superhero (and maybe supervillain) shenanigans. You definitely won’t be getting attached to anyone here… right?

The Meta is someone from the real world that was somehow spirited away into the world of their favorite comics. Using their genre savvy and deep knowledge of how the comic world works, they work their way into becoming a hero. However, it's all fun and games for the Meta, as everyone around them are just fictional characters.

The Meta's unique ability is their Pull List, which gives them extra insight into a select few heroes, the protagonists of their favorite comic book series. However, the longer they stay in the comic book world, the more outdated their information becomes, so they can only rely on it for so long.

This is a playbook for Masks: A New Generation, a game by Brendan Conway.

(An illustrated version of the Meta is coming, hopefully in the near future. Also, this version of the playbook has issues with Acrobat Reader, so for best viewing I would suggest reading it on your web browser or another pdf reader)

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Buy Now
On Sale!
67% Off
$3.00 $0.99 USD or more

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